Message from the Director

Direcção | Direction

«The competition that was born in 2009 brings new hope for another edition that we anticipate of great musical quality.

Participants coming from Portugal, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland and Japan make us continue to respect the highest standards of professionalism and demand that we all certainly want.

We have maintained our commitment to National and International partnerships, proud of the common journey that allows a future and a wider horizon for those who choose Alcobaça and CIMCA for a presence of International relevance in the field of Chamber Music.

If in 2009 the novelty and surprise were remarkable facts, in 2017 the certainty that the Competition gained International stability is a guarantee that we can not at any moment forget what has already been done.

Great groups have come here and all were important in passing the word to the following. The number of participants has fluctuated, but quality has been maintained and that has been the rule to the structural principles of CIMCA.

Alcobaça, once again, promotes and values musical competence, but also the healthy spirit that music carries within us.

In 2019 we celebrate the 10th anniversary and there is no doubt that CIMCA, for its organization, is here to stay, because the responsibility of the past feeds the vision of the future.»

Artistic Director
António Rosa

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